Rescue Drill

Rescue Drill Unit

The Chamber of Mines’ rescue drill unit is situated at CTC. The unit, with the aid of personnel of CTC and in collaboration with Mines Rescue Services, is responsible for assistance during a rescue mission after a mine accident that leaves workers trapped underground. The unit is on 24 hour standby.

The unit consists out of two Schramm drills, a T685WS for drilling probe holes with a 165mm diameter and a T130XD for drilling rescue holes with a diameter of 635mm and 660mm. A Liebherr 25t crane, four truck tractors and various trailers also forms part of the unit.

The T685WS will be used drill holes to determine the location of the trapped workers, to establish communication and to supply food and water to trapped workers. This drill will also be used to drill holes for the Collieries Inertisation System in the event of an underground fire on a mine. Once the trapped workers are located the T130XD will be used to drill a hole of 660mm through which personnel can be brought to safety by means of a capsule and a rescue winder that are housed at Mines Rescue Services.

Both drills are available to companies who require a hole to be drilled for production purposes. These holes also serve as practice for the RDU team members and to identify any faulty components on the drill rigs that could be repaired or replaced. These exercises ensure that the drills and drill team are always in a state of readiness.

Collieries Inertisation System

In 2010 the Collieries Inertisation System ( CIS ) became part of the Rescue Drill Unit ( RDU ) the unit is used to produce nitrogen to extinguish underground fires.

The unit consist out of a compressor unit, floxal and a generator. The CIS system is started on a monthly basis to test the unit, during this test runs the proto teams of various mines visits CTC to assist with setting up of the unit. Setting up of the unit is also used for training the the different proto team members, this training will assist them should the unit be deployed to their mine during an emergency to extinguish a under ground fire on their mine.